Other Languages

In addition to English programs, Brooklyn School of Languages also offers a range of part-time foreign language courses.

BSL currently offers evening and part-time classes in a variety of languages in New York, and tailor-made language training to a wide range of companies and individuals. Languages we offer include; Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish. This is the perfect opportunity to take on the challenge of learning a new language, or of consolidating and extending what you already know.

Courses, prices and next start dates

  • 10-week language courses - One evening per week over 10 weeks
    Times: All classes meet once per week from 7pm-9pm.
    Prices: All courses are $299 (excluding our Danish which is $349), which includes all fees and the course book.
    Start dates are below:


    Beginner 1 – Jan 22nd – (finish Mar 26th)
    Elementary 1 - Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)
    Intermediate 2 - Jan 21st – (finish Mar 25th)


    Beginner 1 – Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)
    Elementary 1 – Jan 22nd – (finish Mar 26th)
    Intermediate 1 - Jan 21st – (finish Mar 25th)


    Beginner 1 – Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)
    Elementary 2 – Jan 21st – (finish Mar 25th)


    Beginner 1 – Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)


    Beginner 1 – Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)


    Beginner 1 – Jan 20th – (finish Mar 24th)
    Beginner 2 – Jan 26th – (finish Apr 6th)

  • 1 to 1 Private Tuition - from $55/hour

Book Online

All prices include a coursebook where stated. Classes will be taught in small groups by our qualified native speaker trainers. Please email us at info@brooklynschooloflanguages.com or stop by our office at 16 Court Street (34 th Floor) to book your place in a course.

Course Content

All of our courses are carefully structured and designed to cover a wide range of topic areas, grammatical structures and skills. Our foreign language courses include the following elements:

  • Developing and improving your spoken language
  • Building your communicative confidence so you can talk with native speakers
  • Developing your listening and comprehension skills to improve understanding
  • Learning and reviewing the grammatical structures of the language
  • Focusing on language that you can use in real-life situations, both written and spoken
  • Building a base of core vocabulary
  • Working on pronunciation so people will be able to understand what you say
  • Reading practice and comprehension testing


Our trainers will adopt a 'learner centered' approach to modern language teaching, which enables them to meet your individual needs. Courses cover practice in all 4 skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing; however, you will find the focus of our Foreign Language Courses is on speaking and listening - the main requirements of today's modern language learner. Teachers will use the target language, activities will be communicative, and the material learned will be relevant to you.

The Teachers

All of our teaching staff are fully qualified and experienced foreign language trainers. They are either native speakers or of native speaker level.

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